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February 2, 2024

Smarter SQL for Data Science

Presented by James Powell, Cameron Riddell

Rising to the Challenge of Data Science Understand why SQL remains a powerful tool for the modern age Develop greater fluency in your use of SQL—reduce fiddling Learn how to make ...

January 10, 2024

Networking Fundamentals

Presented by Ed Harmoush

An Illustrated Exploration of How Data Moves through Computer Networks Practical exploration of all the individual components that make computer networking possible Illustrated walkthrough of Hosts, Switches, Routers, and what each ...

January 22, 2024

React Kitchen: Recipes for Full-Stack Development

Presented by Shaun Wassell

Learn How to Deliver Robust, Maintainable, Performant Code Faster Than Ever Before Learn time-tested React "recipes" that you can put into practice immediately in your own full-stack projects Work with five ...

February 7, 2024

Fundamentals of Leadership

Presented by Sujatha Das

Principles, tools, and essential skills Course outcomes Gain a clear understanding of what leadership entails and its significance at work Develop strong communication skills to convey ideas, motivate teams, and foster ...

April 24, 2024

AI Superstream: LLMs in Production

Presented by Fabiana Clemente

Deploying and managing LLMs effectively in production Join industry experts and top thought leaders from the field to delve into the innovative applications of large language models in various production environments. ...

February 6, 2024

Introduction to Technical Product Management

Presented by Marily Nika

Concepts, tools, and frameworks to master the product lifecycle This event will be presented in a new format that brings the audience into the action. The first 50 people to join ...