September 20, 2001

A Bookshelf of Linux Web Server Technology on a Single CD

Sebastopol, CA--If we always knew in advance what questions we were going to have to answer, then easy access to reference books wouldn't be an issue. But as many web developers and programmers know, they're much more likely in the course of their work to face a pop quiz than a test they've prepared for. For times like these, when you need a Linux answer quickly and don't want to manually search through volume after volume, or happen to be away from your bookshelf, The Linux Web Server CD Bookshelf (O'Reilly, US $79.95) provides the solution. The latest addition to O'Reilly's bestselling CD Bookshelf series brings Linux users an up-to-date, exhaustive reference library on a single CD, so being without their favorite Linux book is a not a situation they're likely to face.

The Linux Web Server CD Bookshelf delivers power and flexibility to web developers, regardless of their experience level, with the portability and ease of use that has come to be associated with this bestselling series. This CD provides online access to six popular books for Linux users running web servers and building databases, while taking up less than two inches of shelf space. Included in the CD Bookshelf are unabridged versions of the following:

As a bonus, The Linux Web Server CD Bookshelf also includes the paperback version of Linux in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition.

This compilation of open source technologies represents the platform of choice for developing and deploying high performance web applications. Apache, MySQL, and Perl/Python/PHP are the tools that make Linux a strong applications development platform. According to the developers who use them, the best thing about these technologies is that they are open, highly interoperable, and free.

Formatted in HTML, The Linux Web Server CD Bookshelf can be read by any web browser. All 3200 plus pages of O'Reilly reference and tutorials are fully searchable and cross-referenced with an index for each book and a master index for the entire collection. When purchased separately, the six books would retail for $214.70, but The Linux Web Server CD Bookshelf retails for only $79.95.

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The Linux Web Server CD Bookshelf
By O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.
September 2001
ISBN 0-59600-208-4, 812 pages, $79.95 (US), Features CD-ROM

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