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http://akamaicovers.oreilly.com/images/0636920039570/rc_thumb.gif Swift Development for the Apple Watch Swift Development for the Apple Watch
http://akamaicovers.oreilly.com/images/9781783987368/thumb.gif Learning Spring Application Development Learning Spring Application Development
http://akamaicovers.oreilly.com/images/0636920031635/thumb.gif The Maker's Manual The Maker's Manual
http://akamaicovers.oreilly.com/images/0636920031390/thumb.gif Make: JavaScript Robotics Make: JavaScript Robotics
by Jonathan Beri
http://akamaicovers.oreilly.com/images/9780128007266/thumb.gif Power and Performance Power and Performance
http://akamaicovers.oreilly.com/images/9780992461294/thumb.gif Level Up Your Web Apps With Go Level Up Your Web Apps With Go (SitePoint)
http://akamaicovers.oreilly.com/images/0636920033769/rc_thumb.gif You Don't Know JS: ES6 & Beyond You Don't Know JS: ES6 & Beyond
http://akamaicovers.oreilly.com/images/0636920034131/rc_thumb.gif Learning Puppet 4 Learning Puppet 4
http://akamaicovers.oreilly.com/images/9781784396145/thumb.gif openFrameworks Essentials openFrameworks Essentials
http://akamaicovers.oreilly.com/images/9781784399665/thumb.gif Mastering TypeScript Mastering TypeScript
http://akamaicovers.oreilly.com/images/9780814436271/thumb.gif Business Strategy (The Brian Tracy Success Library) Business Strategy (The Brian Tracy Success Library)
http://akamaicovers.oreilly.com/images/9781593275990/thumb.gif Automate the Boring Stuff with Python Automate the Boring Stuff with Python (No Starch)

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