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Thinking with Data

Thinking with Data

How to Turn Information into Insights

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On Mar 7, 2014 Dallas Marks wrote: A small but terribly helpful soft skills guide for analysts and data scientists
The book provides a framework for defining the problem to be solved, not just "what can we do with this pile of data". In just six chapters and 94 pages, Thinking with Data: How to Turn Information into Insights by Max Shron, a data scientist, fills in several pieces in the process of creating insights from data. Because I'm a consultant, I wish that the book had one or two pictorial visualizations of the author's methodology and some proposed templates or worksheets for deliverables. But this book puts into words something that I often felt was missing from my own requirements gathering and I'm looking forward to writing my first CoNVO. Analysts and designers will find a lot to like in this book. Read it with a highlighter in hand. Full Review >

Fitness for Geeks

Fitness for Geeks

Real Science, Great Nutrition, and Good Health

Dallas's rating: StarStarStarStarStar 3.0

On Dec 10, 2013 Dallas Marks wrote: Stop coding and start moving!
Probably not last book purchased on the subject, but definitely a good choice for your first. Full Review >

Microsoft Manual of Style

Microsoft Manual of Style

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On Mar 5, 2012 Dallas Marks wrote: Makes my writing more professional
As an IT consultant, conference speaker, and blogger, I have found the recently updated Microsoft Manual of Style to be indispensable. Full Review >

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