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Hadoop Operations

Hadoop Operations

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On Jan 21, 2013 David Ostrowski wrote: Hadoop Operations by Eric Sammer (review)
Great book for engineers who are tasked to administrate a Hadoop Cluster. Well written and serves as a excellent reference for the purpose of making appropriate software/ architecture decisions as well as configuring your cluster. Book is at an advanced level at times so if you are new to hadoop you might want to reference a text such as “Hadoop: the definitive guide “ by Tom White. Full Review >

WebGL: Up and Running

WebGL: Up and Running

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On Oct 21, 2012 David Ostrowski wrote: Book Review: Tony Parisi, WEBGL UP and running, Oreilly pub
Posed to reach the promise and fulfillment of prior technologies including VRML and X3D, WebGL is quite simply your best technology ‘bet’ for the future of the 3D web as it is an extension of core technologies that the enterprise already relies upon : HTML and javascript. Tony Parisi , widely known as an industry veteran within 3D web technologies is the best person to introduce you to this topic. Full Review >

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JavaScript & jQuery: The Missing Manual

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Great Introduction to jQuery
A really nice introduction to jQuery that teaches you the concepts, how to apply those… Full Review >

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