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Just Spring Data Access

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JDBC has simplified database access in Java applications, but a few nagging wrinkles remain—namely, persisting Java objects to relational databases. With this book, you’ll learn how the Spring Framework makes that job incredibly easy with dependency injection, template classes, and object-relational-mapping (ORM). Discover how Spring streamlines the use of JDBC and ORM tools such as Hibernate, the Java Persistence API (JPA), and Java Data Objects (JDO).


On Aug 29 David Witherspoon wrote: Good introduction to data acess using Spring
Just Spring Data Access by Madhusudhan Konda is a quick overview of how to utilize data access within the Spring framework. The author states that his objective with this book is to provide a direct, no fluff, explanation of how to use Springs framework to interact with JDBC, Hibernate, JPA, and JDO. I do feel that the author has achieved this goal and if you are looking for a book that can quickly introduce to you the basics of working with accessing data using the Spring framework, then this book is for you. The caveat that I have with that statement is the fact that in the 78 pages the author is only able to cover JDBC, Hibernate, JPA, and JDO at a high level and if you are looking for something with depth, then this is not the book for you. Again, if you are looking for a quick introduction to the concepts and are happy to investigate further when you have questions, then this book will provide that quick introduction for you. Personally, that is how I approached this book, since I did not have any background with Spring Data Access and wanted to know more about it. When I started reading this book, I knew that I would not get the depth that I wanted but I did come out of it knowing how to get up and going with a good understanding of what is going on. Full Review  >

Rating: StarStarStarStarStar4.0

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