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What's New in CSS3

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Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) began as a clean way to separate formatting from content, but it has grown into a powerful toolkit for layout and interface design. CSS Level 3, commonly called CSS3, divides its work up into modules, many of which are available for you to use today.

What's New in CSS3 provides a brief overview of the many parts of CSS3 whether they are Recommendations, Working Drafts, or pieces left aside. Transformations and Animations may be highly visible parts of new interface styles, but new selectors and layout approaches will also change the way you work.

If you've been wondering which parts of the CSS3 conversation are for you, What's New in CSS3 will get you started.


On Sep 7 Santosh Shanbhag wrote: Very brief overview
If you are a serious HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript developer, chances are you have heard of Estelle Weyl, seen her presenting at OSCON and other conferences, or bookmarked her website. Estelle Weyl is a very popular speaker and author so I was naturally excited to get this book. For the most part it is good stuff. This book is a very very brief overview of what's happening in the CSS3 world of specs and recommendations. Most of the chapters are extremely small. For example, Chapter 10 and 11 are just one paragraph each. Chapter 9 is just two pages. The writing is of high quality just like the author. However, I am slightly disappointed by the total lack of any depth in the book. It would easily have been an article on the web or just a blog. The actual book content (excluding TOC, Preface, etc) is about 25 pages. If you remove the last pages of the chapters that are just a paragraph long, it's even lesser. In short, I absolutely love the author and am a huge fan of her presentations on OSCON and other conferences. This book falls short of my expectations, not in the quality of the content but in the lack thereof. Full Review  >

Rating: StarStarStarStarStar3.0

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