On Mar 14 Rafael Flores wrote: Review of O'Reilly Breakdown's video "Offline Mobile Web Applications in HTML5" by David Griffiths
The quick way to get a really fast knowledge on what HTML5 has to offer for those developing the new breed of HTML apps, both online and offline. Full Review  >

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On Mar 14 Aaron Sumner wrote: Solid introduction to key HTML5 features
If you're a web developer who's holding off on HTML5, it's time to take the plunge. Luckily there are plenty of books, videos, online tutorials, and other resources to help you get started. Add Offline Mobile Web Applications in HTML5 to your list. Full Review  >

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On Mar 14 Abirami Sivaramakrishnan wrote: Offline mobile web applications in HTML5
In this great video by OReilly, Brett McLaughlin and David Griffiths walk us through in developing offline applications using HTML5. The entire video is divided into 5 parts : Blue collar HTML5 Creating HTML5 forms Moving an App to the Browser's Cache Caching Data with Local Storage Syncing Local Storage to a… Full Review  >

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