On Sep 21 Dylan Scott wrote: Not an intro book-but a solid reference
I looked at the 4th Edition which is updated for Perl version 5.14 (as the cover states) and some notes on 5.16. This is not a tutorial or introduction book to the language and most beginners likely won't want to start with this as their first Perl book. It really is mostly a reference book on various topics on Perl in my opinion. Full Review  >

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On Aug 10 Claudio Ramirez wrote: Review: Programming Perl (4th ed) by Tom Christiansen, brian d foy, Larry Wall, Jon Orwant (O’Reilly Media)
If you already program in Perl you know that “Programming Perl” is the de facto reference of the language. I haven’t met Perl Mongers citing randomly from it, but we are not that far from it . If you’re new to Perl, well now you know what you will be… Full Review  >

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On Jul 29 Tuomo Kalliokoski wrote:
Full Review  >

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Excellent book, a most have book!
Overall I highly recommend this book. If you want to learn Python, but is not… Full Review >

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