On Feb 25 Rino Sardon wrote: Book Review: Building Wireless Sensor Networks By Robert Faludi
Building Wireless Sensor Networks is just what every wireless sensors enthusiast needs. It provides quick and practical guidance for building your very own wireless sensor networks using Zigbee. I appreciate the well structured presentation of ideas as well as the very practical approach in creating projects while learning very important concepts. It is like a workbook and laboratory manual in one! Full Review  >

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On Feb 16 Isaac Fischer wrote: Review of "Building Wireless Sensor Networks" by Robert Faludi
A curious mix of microhardware cookbook and primer, where tutorials on fundamental radio signals and hexadecimal seem out of place and views on geek culture fit right in.The text features a comprehensive look at the XBee system (including copious illustrations and pictures) which also touches on the better known Arduino… Full Review  >

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On Feb 14 Keith Davidson wrote: Book Review: Building Wireless Sensor Networks by Robert Faludi
NYU Professor Robert Faludi, has supplied a very easy to follow book tackling the construction of a XBee wireless network, which is not as simple as it may appear. He provides both a step by step guide and a basic understanding/education of the technology involved. This book starts with describing… Full Review  >

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