On Dec 26 M Sheik Uduman Ali wrote: First stepping stone for your data analysis knowledge
Excellent book to learn NumPy, Pandas and matplotlib libraries in addition to the knowledge required on file handling, data loading, storage, wrangling and aggregation. Full Review  >

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On Dec 15 Emmanuel Joliet wrote:
Full Review  >

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On Nov 9 Kiatikun Luangkesorn wrote: Book Review: Python for Data Analysis by Wes McKinney
Python for Data Analysis by Wes McKinneyMy rating: 5 of 5 starsFor some time now I have been using R and Python for data analysis. And I have long ago discovered the Python technical stack of ipython, NumPy, Scipy, and Matplotlib and I thought I knew what I was doing.… Full Review  >

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Malware Forensics Field Guide for Windows Systems

Ninajean Slone wrote:
Proud addition to my library
Have you ever been a victim of malware? No? Then you are one lucky person!… Full Review >

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