On May 14 Jan van der Meiden wrote:
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On Oct 20 Chris Harback wrote:
The bottom line? As with a lot of O'Reilly books, you're getting a great value, a solidly constructed book, and a well written one at that. If you're a Javascript developer, a game programmer who has interest in browser-level game creation, or if you're just interested in learning about these thing, go get yourself a copy. I doubt you'll regret it. Full Review  >

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On Oct 7 Ricardo Banffy wrote: Supercharged JavaScript Graphics, by Raffaele Cecco (O'Reilly, 2011)
I loved reviewing this book. Not only I learned a lot of new, cool tricks, the methods, tools and techniques I learned, from JavaScript code optimization to proper usage of jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap, were well worth the time invested in reading the book. Full Review  >

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On Sep 24 Gary Gragg wrote:
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On Sep 18 Peter Georgeson wrote:
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On Aug 23 Jeroen Oliemans wrote: Supercharged JavaScript Graphics book review.
Author: Raffaele Cecco publisher: O’Reilly Media pages: 280 Introduction A pleasant book written by an author with lots of experience. The examples are fun, and realistic. The tempo of the book is easy to follow for intermediate JavaScript developers. Review I like that the book begins with a DHTML example,… Full Review  >

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