On Apr 17 Jon Gauthier wrote: Review: Clojure Programming by Chas Emerick et al.
I often run into what you might call closet functional programmers – people who seem to have a genuine interest in acquainting themselves with a new paradigm, but just can’t manage to find the time to do it. Some of those who do invest the time often end up on something like the Typeclassopedia1, where the combined force of jargon and type signatures kill whatever interest they began with. Thanks to Clojure Programming, though, I’m happy to report that this will no longer be a problem. This book gives hope to those who have championed Lisp and / or functional programming in vain. Emerick et al. provide not only a thorough tour of the language, but also demonstrate the beauty and conciseness of its solutions to common problems. Full Review  >

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On Jul 1 Kiatikun Luangkesorn wrote:
This book would be very good for someone with a solid grasp of Java programming, with its ecosystem and libraries, and wanted to move into functional programming. Clojure Programming provides a different workflow since it does compile/evaluate as you go, allowing you to see quickly the results of changes without any performance penalty. And having a different programming paradigm than object-oriented adds a set of tools that can be brought to bear under a different situation. This was not quite what I was hoping for, but that may be because the tools and language features of Python/ipython were already overlapping with Clojure. It does fulfill the promise of making me a more knowledgable programmer. Full Review  >

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On May 25 Michal Konrad Owsiak wrote: For hobbyists
I think I haven’t evolved enough to fully appreciate the Clojure, however, I definitely value the way topic is presented. Full Review  >

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On May 19 Rob Friesel wrote: outstanding Clojure introduction for smart programmers
"Clojure Programming" is comprehensive, appreciably thorough, and makes a concerted effort to be accessible to the Clojure and JVM neophyte. It also makes no pretenses about easing you into the language: you’ll be programming a naïve REPL by the end of chapter one. And this head-first approach is one of the reasons to love this book. Full Review  >

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