On Apr 27 Craig Richards wrote:
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On Nov 2 Georgerobert Freeman wrote: More than just text books
Author Michael E. Cohen knows his stuff. A great guide that shows an end to end solution. Don’t let the page size fool you. This compact book is packed with information. That can take you from ideal to iBook store. Or if you prefer you can make great books for your friends or family. Just a few of the things i have made. Digital scrapbooks with video and audio Combine different snippets from the web to make your own how-to style books. Much better than random bookmarks in a folder. A book that contains all of my instruction booklets. Having everything searchable is wondrous! I can’t overstate how clear this makes iBooks Author to use. Recommend for beginners up to the seasoned traditional publisher looking to incorporate this exciting program. Full Review  >

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On Jun 21 Brandy Swartz wrote: Take Control of iBooks Author by Micheal Cohen
This book is very informative. It is in a language even the youngest person can understand. It was step by step, and I couldn't put it down. I told myself that if I had a Mac I would go ahead and put it to use. So in all reality I really like this book. I would recommend it to every one. take-control-of-ibook-author-by-micheal-e-cohen-tidbits-publishing.html Full Review  >

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