June 27, 2002

O'Reilly Releases "Learning Unix for Mac OS X"

Sebastopol, CA--O'Reilly & Associates has released "Learning Unix for Mac OS X" by Dave Taylor and Jerry Peek (O'Reilly, US $19.95), a concise, easy-to-follow introduction to getting started with Unix functions on the new Mac operating system.

Mac users tend to be passionate about their computers; having grown comfortable with the elegance of the Mac GUI, they are loath to change. With OS X they can continue to use their preferred platform, but also have the option of exploring the powerful capabilities of Unix. "Learning Unix for Mac OS X" tells readers how to use the Terminal application, become functional with the command interface, explore many Unix applications, and most important, take advantage of the strengths of both interfaces.

Based on O'Reilly's popular book "Learning the UNIX Operating System," this hands-on guide begins with an introduction to the Unix environment to acquaint the user with the command line. The book then expands into launching and configuring the Terminal application--the heart of the Unix interface for the Mac OS X user. Readers will learn how to manage, create, edit, and transfer files. For navigating the Internet, "Learning Unix for Mac OS X" provides instruction on how to use functions such as mail, chat, and web browsing from the command line. Other topics include:

"Learning Unix for Mac OS X" provides a clear explanation of all the common commands, accompanied by examples, exercises, and opportunities for experimentation. A removable quick reference card serves as a handy, desktop reminder for the most useful Unix commands, such as those for working with the filesystem, printing, or using a network.

Unix is a complex and powerful system, and many Mac users may never do more than scratch the surface of Mac OS X's Unix underpinnings. Whether their interest is merely casual or the first steps toward a mastery of the new operating system, Mac users will find everything they need to know to get started with Unix in this slim volume.

Additional resources:

"Learning Unix for Mac OS X" is also available on Safari Books Online.

Chapter 4, Customizing Your Session, is available free online.

For more information about the book, including Table of Contents, index, author bios, and samples, click here

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Learning Unix for Mac OS X
By Dave Taylor & Jerry Peek
ISBN 0-596-00342-0, 139 pages, $19.95 (US), $30.95 (CAN)

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