June 1, 1998

MCSE: the Core Exams In a Nutshell

Microsoft's MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) program is a rigorous testing and certification program for Windows NT system and network administrators. To achieve certification, one must pass four required exams and two of the nine offered elective exams. According to the Third Annual Salary Survey (published February 1998) conducted by MCP Magazine ".. .all other things being equal, obtaining a Microsoft certification results in an approximate increase, on average, of $4,600." (see details)

O'Reilly's newest release, MCSE: The Core Exams in a Nutshell, is a concise, comprehensive study guide that covers the all the required exams for MCSE certification. Designed for administrators with Windows NT experience or experience administering a different platform, such as UNIX, who want to learn what is necessary to pass the required exam portion of the MCSE certification, this compact guide contains hundreds of exam-taking tips, and flags many situations where answers to the exam questions may contradict more seasoned real-world experience.

This book is a companion volume to MCSE: The Electives in a Nutshell (due out in August), which covers the nine elective exams.

About the Author:

Michael Moncur is the owner of Starling Technologies, a Salt Lake City company specializing in network consulting and Web content development. He is certified as both a CNE and a MCSE, and is the author on several books on NetWare, NT, and CNE and MSCE programs.


MCSE: The Core Exams in a Nutshell
By Michael Moncur 1st Edition May 1998 (US)
401 pages, 1-56592-376-6, $19.95 ($US)

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