March 1, 2001

O'Reilly's Latest Release Helps Administrators Take On the MSCE Windows 2000 Exams

Sebastopol, CA--The release of the Windows 2000 operating system ushered in a number of changes to the MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) certification program, including significant changes to the content of the exams, the number of exams one is required to pass, and the new requirement for one year of hands-on experience before certification. Paul Murphy and Michael Moncur, coauthors of MCSE in a Nutshell: The Windows 2000 Exams (O'Reilly, US $29.95) state that "this time Microsoft has changed the MCSE exams as much as the operating system itself."

Murphy and Moncur explain that earlier versions of Windows have rolled out new features long before questions about them ever appeared on the MCSE exams, but the latest exams focus on the many new technologies in Windows 2000. Candidates working towards MCSE 2000 certification must pass seven exams: five required and two electives. MCSE in a Nutshell: The Windows 2000 Exams covers the four core (required) exams, along with three of the Designing exams, one of which can be used as the fifth required exam.

"This book is important not only because of the changes in the exams," says coauthor Murphy, "but because this is a transitional time in the networking field. Many shops have to accommodate a shift to MS-related products and integrate them into UNIX-based networks. There is a tremendous need for qualified technicians and our book can help ensure that motivated people can both learn about Windows 2000's technologies and gain professional certification to prove it. Not everyone has experience, so certification is an important step to take when trying to break into the field."

"In writing this book we've tried to make every sentence concise, useful and accurate," says Murphy. "Our book will not waste your time. A person reading this book will come away knowing what is needed to be a productive (and certified) Windows 2000 technician."

MCSE in a Nutshell: The Windows 2000 Exams is a comprehensive study guide and detailed quick reference. Each chapter in the book covers one exam, including a summary of the crucial areas of that exam, definitions of key terms, tips for passing, and practice tests. The covered exams include the following:

This book was written for administrators who want to learn what is necessary to pass the Windows 2000 MCSE exam. Although this book is not a substitute for hands-on experience, it contains many features--including the reference guide, review items and practice tests--written to help both experienced administrators and beginners prepare to take the exams.

Online Resources: MCSE in a Nutshell: The Windows 2000 Exams
By Michael Moncur & Paul Murphy
February 2001
ISBN 0-596-00030-8, 459 pages, $29.95 (US)

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