May 30, 2002

Master MySQL with O'Reilly's "Managing & Using MySQL, 2nd Edition"

Sebastopol, CA--MySQL is a robust, easy-to-use open source database that powers major web sites including Yahoo! Finance, the U.S. Census Bureau's FedStats site, and Slashdot. In eWeek Labs' February, 2002, comprehensive benchmark study of five server databases, they concluded that "Overall, Oracle9i and MySQL had the best performance and scalability." And this performance comes cheap--MySQL's GPL-licensed version is free for internal use, and commercial licenses and support are quite inexpensive compared to the competition. With this potent mix of power and affordability, MySQL has become a major player in the database arena. Managing & Using MySQL, 2nd Edition (O'Reilly, US $39.95) covers MySQL from installation to programming interfaces to database administration.

With the help of "Managing & Using MySQL, 2nd Edition," you will be able to create and support complex, high-demand database applications. Useful for both programmers and database administrators, the book moves from the basics to advanced material on security, optimization, and program design. This new edition adds the latest information about MySQL 4.0.1 and its most important programming language interfaces. Topics include:

The book concludes with a 125-page reference section that covers SQL Syntax for MySQL, MySQL Data Types, Operators and Functions, and sections on the MySQL PHP API, C, and the Python DB-API.

What the critics said about the first edition (titled "MySQL & mSQL"):

"'MySQL & mSQL' is a superb addition to the Linux and Unix applications library...Yarger, Reese and King...illustrate the principles and procedures from installation through applications programming in a logical order and well-written and readable style. The reference section furnishes a bonus that will be valued by programmers. 'MySQL & mSQL' is an excellent and portable guide to the essentials of database design, its functions, and processes that every administrator, programmer, and serious user should read and use."
--Elizabeth Zinkann, Sys Admin Magazine, November 1999

"Two powerful, closely-related SQL databases, mSQL and MySQL, are covered in detail in this excellent guide from O'Reilly...To get great database performance without paying an arm and a leg for it, download one of these databases and get your copy of O'Reilly's 'MySQL & mSQL.'"
--Bill Camarda, Editor, barnesandnoble.com

"...a superb reference for both database administrators and programmers who are working with MySQL and mSQL, or who are interested in using either of these affordable, yet powerful, relational databases."
--Writers Write, March 2000

"...a good book for someone looking to use one or both of these products. It has an excellent introduction to the theory behind relational databases and explains data normalization--in a relatively clear and concise way...If you are interested in writing applications that use a database, 'MySQL & mSQL' is a good place to start."
--Reuven M. Lerner, Linux Journal, November 1999

"This book does a great job of illustrating what MySQL and mSQL have to offer database newbies and old timers alike."
--Ross M. Greenberg, Linux Magazine, February 2001

"Regardless of the experience you have, it is likely that some part of this book will be useful to you. And, if having started from knowing nothing, this book will last a long time as its use changes from instructional text to reference work if you're looking to learn to use the MySQL/mSQL tools. To learn about relational databases, and especially if you're looking to develop a database-driven web site, you're probably not going to find a better book than this. The book is clear and concise, as always with O'Reilly, and the examples are full and relevant. If you've ever read an O'Reilly book before, you'll know what to expect; this is another quality title in the O'Reilly stable. For those who've never read an O'Reilly title, this is a great place to start."
--Alex Hudson, www.shelflug.co.uk, April 2000

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Managing & Using MySQL, 2nd Edition
By George Reese, Randy Jay Yarger, Tim King, with Hugh E. Williams
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