May 17, 1999

Low Tech Tool Helps Master High Tech Tests

SEBASTOPOL, CA--The MCSE Network Essentials Exam requires even the most experienced administrator to bone up on hard-to-remember facts that you might normally just look up when you needed them: things like distance limitations or number of repeaters for different kinds of cable, or which IRQs are available for use with your NIC, or the advantages and disadvantages of a particular network topology or cabling standard.

Sometimes, an old fashioned memorization aid is just what you need, even when what you're studying is technology for the 21st Century. O'Reilly's newest release, Networking Essentials Flashcards, contains 280 flashcards covering everything you'll need to memorize for the exam.

Networking Essentials Flashcards includes three types of cards:

But if you need to ease into the idea of a non-digital study tool, digital samples of these invaluable Flashcards are available on the O'Reilly web site at: http://windows.oreilly.com/mcse/

Use of the Networking Essentials Flashcards is an essential test-taking strategy. These flashcards are based on Moncur's book MCSE: The Core Exams in a Nutshell. They are a convenient study tool to complement a test-preparation guide (such as MCSE: Core Exams in a Nutshell), and fit in a back pocket for bus-ride or lunch-hour study sessions.


Networking Essentials Flashcards
MCSE Core Exam 70-058
By Michael Moncur
1st Edition May 1999 (US)
1-56592-568-8, 280 double-sided cards, plus quick reference poster, $29.95 (US)
Now available at local bookstores, or direct from the publisher.

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