December 9, 1998

Developing Visual Basic Add-Ins

Sebastopol, CA--Microsoft's Visual Basic Extensibility Model provides the only means of extending the Visual Basic IDE in ways ranging from the simple (like checking for the version of Visual Basic or clearing the Immediate window) to the complex . Although it is not very customizable through menu selections, but it is customizable through add-ins. Unfortunately for busy developers, it is also poorly documented, until now requiring sifting through the documentation and extensive trial and error experimentation.

According to Steven Roman, author of the just-released Developing Visual Basic Add-Ins (O'Reilly, $27.95) "The VB IDE add-in object model (officially known as the VB Extensibility object model) is almost totally shrouded in mystery. I couldn't resist the challenge of explaining this model and how to use it in a productive way."

"In a perfect world, the most difficult aspect of, say, creating VB ad-ins, should be the creative part, that is, thinking of clever add-in features and ways to implement them. It should not be having to deal with what this or that property or method really does because it is not carefully and clearly documented."

Most developers can think of dozens of ways they could work more productively by extending the IDE in some way. Developing Visual Basic Add-Ins provides a clear, and refreshingly concise tutorial AND reference guide for developing VB Add-ins. Numerous coding examples also help step developers through the add-in creation process.

For an interview with the author, see: http://vb.oreilly.com/news/roman_1298.html

For detailed information on the book, including Table of Contents, author bio, and index, see: http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/devvbad/

Ron Petrusha, O'Reilly Windows Editor, describes the O'Reilly Visual Basic Publishing Program at: http://vb.oreilly.com/

Developing Visual Basic Add-Ins: The VB IDE Extensibility Model
By Steven Roman
1st Edition December 1998 (US)
1-56592-527-0, 186 pages, $27.95 (US)

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