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Free as in Freedom

Free as in Freedom

Richard Stallman's Crusade for Free Software

By Sam Williams
March 2002 
0-596-00287-4, Order Number: 2874
240 pages, $22.95 US $34.95 CA

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: For Want of a Printer

Chapter 2: 2001: A Hacker's Odyssey

Chapter 3: A Portrait of the Hacker as a Young Man

Chapter 4: Impeach God

Chapter 5: Small Puddle of Freedom

Chapter 6: The Emacs Commune

Chapter 7: A Stark Moral Choice

Chapter 8: St. Ignucius

Chapter 9: The GNU General Public License

Chapter 10: GNU/Linux

Chapter 11: Open Source

Chapter 12: A Brief Journey Through Hacker Hell

Chapter 13: Continuing the Fight

Chapter 14: Epilogue: Crushing Loneliness

Appendix A: Terminology

Appendix B: Hack, Hackers, and Hacking

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