Chapter 16: Customizing xmh

16.0 Chapter Introduction
16.1 Command-line Settings
16.2 Command-line Options
16.2.1 MH Directory Path
16.2.2 Initial Folder
16.2.3 Toolkit Options
16.3 Changing How Commands Work
16.3.1 HideBoringHeaders
16.3.2 PrintCommand
16.3.3 ReplyInsertFilter
16.3.4 SendBreakWidth
16.3.5 SendWidth
16.3.6 SkipCopied, SkipDeleted, SkipMoved
16.3.7 TocGeometry
16.3.8 TocWidth
16.3.9 ShapeStyle
16.3.10 Summary of Resources
16.4 Changing Buttons; Accelerators
16.4.1 New Accelerator for Compose Message
16.4.2 Redefining Composition Window Buttons
16.4.3 A New Buttonbox for the Main Windows
16.4.4 Adding Color
16.4.5 Moving a Message to a Specific Folder
16.4.6 Changing Command Options with edprofile
16.4.7 Use an External Editor
16.5 Conflicts Between xmh and MH Customization
16.6 Template Draft Files Set Headers
16.7 Changing Table of Contents
16.7.1 Introduction
16.7.2 Using a Standard scan Format File
16.7.3 A Wider Table of Contents
16.8 Changing the Print Command
16.8.1 Grabbing Error Output
16.8.2 Printing with lpr and lp
16.8.3 Other Printer Commands
16.8.4 A Better xmh Printer: xmhprint
16.9 Snooping on xmh
16.9.1 Use the debug Resource
16.9.2 Use Accounting Information
16.9.3 Make a Front End Shell Script
16.9.4 Read the Source Code

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