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MH & xmh: Email for Users & Programmers

1-1 How a mail message gets from A to B
1-2 MH and front-ends
2-1 Important parts of a UNIX filesystem
2-2 Two linked messages
7-1 Sending a message. Step 1: Making draft from template
7-2 Sending a message. Steps 2-4: Draft message, before and after prompter edits it
7-3 Sending a message. Steps 5-6: After composing the draft
8-1 Message linked into three folders
8-2 A subfolder
8-3 Current folder and folder stack
8-4 After pushing reports/jan onto the top of the stack
8-5 After swapping current folder with top of stack
14-1 xmh first master window
14-2 Selecting a command
14-3 xmh message composition window
14-4 Composition window with finished message
14-5 Closing composition window without saving or sending
14-6 After incorporating new messages
14-7 Selecting a message to view
14-8 Composition window with reply
14-9 Master xmh window before using grips to change sizes
14-10 Master xmh window after increasing viewed message area
14-11 Pick window
14-12 After picking messages containing pizza
14-13 Selecting the all sequence
14-14 Forwarding two messages
14-15 Master xmh window with two messages marked for deletion
15-1 xmh main window with parts labeled
15-2 Working on several drafts at once
15-3 Recomposing a draft from a second main window
15-4 Resending a returned message with Use As Composition
15-5 Search and replace pop-up window
15-6 META-Q reformatting mistake
15-7 Two folders that can incorporate mail
15-8 A view window
15-9 Folder buttonbox with some long folder names
15-10 A folder with one subfolder
15-11 A folder with four subfolders
15-12 Two messages marked for moving
15-13 Recovering a message deleted by rmmer
15-14 Message and Table of Contents from different folders
15-15 Folder before sorting
15-16 Folder after sorting
15-17 Selecting a sequence (all)
15-18 Main and Pick windows
15-19 Main window after picking mailquestions sequence
15-20 Pick window after big -Or- clicked in top area
15-21 Example of Pick skip button
15-22 Adding a message to the mailquestions sequence
16-1 Old-fashioned xmh -flag mailbox icons
16-2 Original message and reply with special ReplyInsertFilter
16-3 Screen with new geometry settings
16-4 Default composition window buttonbox
16-5 Composition window New Headers changed to Send and Close
16-6 Composition window with two buttons redefined
16-7 Display (not customized yet) with *CommandButtonCount:5
16-8 Main window with new buttonbox
16-9 Table of Contents with default scan(1) format
16-10 Table of Contents with scan.timely format file
16-11 Wide main window (and normal composition window)
16-12 Making a notice box
20-1 Main parts of the exmh display
20-2 Highlighting Key
20-3 Displaying a MIME message
20-4 The Pick dialog
21-1 exmh display
21-2 Folder list
21-3 Alias interface
21-4 Built-in editor
22-1 A second-level preferences window

[Table of Contents] [Index]

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