Chapter 10: New Versions of MH Commands

10.0 Chapter Introduction
10.1 What's a New Command Version?
10.2 Making a New Command Version
10.2.1 Setup Before You Make First New Version
10.2.2 What to Do for Each New Version
10.3 Writing Command Versions as Aliases or Functions
10.4 Versions of repl
10.4.1 Including Original Message in Reply: replx
10.4.2 Standard Replies: thanks
10.4.3 Followup Mail Messages: foll, follx
10.4.4 Reply from Another Address: replb
10.5 Make Message Bookmarks with mark
10.6 msg: `While You Were Out' Messages with comp
10.7 Versions of forw
10.7.1 Use forw to Resend a Returned Message
10.7.2 Filter Forwarded MIME Messages: mforw
10.8 Edit Messages with show: mhedit
10.9 Show MIME Message Parts with showpart
10.10 Append Text with prompter.nopre
10.11 Version of send: push
10.12 Versions of scan
10.12.1 Scanning Message Ranges: cur, c10, l5, etc.
10.12.2 Scan and Show Size of Message: sscan
10.12.3 Scan Messages Waiting: msgscan
10.12.4 Get Message Number List: msgnums
10.13 Fast Folder Changes with fo

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