Chapter 15: Using xmh

15.0 Chapter Introduction
15.1 Sending Mail
15.1.1 Draft Messages and the drafts Folder
15.1.2 Changing the Draft Message Header
15.1.3 More About Forwarding
15.1.4 More About Replying
15.1.5 Resend Messages with Use As Composition
15.1.6 Aliases
15.2 Scrollbars
15.2.1 When They Appear
15.2.2 Length and Position of the Thumb
15.2.3 Moving the Thumb
15.3 Editing in xmh
15.3.1 Text Editing Commands
15.3.2 Search and Replace
15.3.3 Composition Window Buttons
15.3.4 Reformatting Paragraphs
15.3.5 Line Wrapping
15.3.6 Copy and Paste
15.3.7 Use Another Editor
15.4 Reading Your Mail
15.4.1 Incorporate New Mail
15.4.2 View Window
15.4.3 Line Folding
15.5 Printing Your Mail
15.6 Organizing Messages with Folders
15.6.1 Making a New Folder
15.6.2 Folders and Subfolders
15.6.3 Using Another Folder
15.6.4 Moving Messages Between Folders
15.6.5 Linking (not Copying) Messages Between Folders
15.6.6 Deleting (and Restoring) Messages
15.6.7 Rescan Folder
15.6.8 Viewed Message vs. Viewed Folder
15.6.9 Packing a Folder
15.6.10 Sorting a Folder
15.6.11 Deleting a Folder
15.7 Introduction to Sequences
15.8 Using Pick
15.8.1 A Pick Example
15.8.2 Using the Big -Or- Button
15.8.3 Find Other Fields, Skip Fields
15.8.4 Bottom Area of the Pick Window
15.9 Modifying Sequences
15.10 The Master xmh Window

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