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jQuery Pocket Reference

jQuery Pocket Reference

Read Less, Learn More

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On Dec 24, 2011 Rodrigo Jardim wrote: jQuery pocket reference de David Flanagan - jQuery First, Javascript later
The way the Javascript concepts ware presented step by step pleased me, of course you need to have a previous knowledge of javascript, so I suggest you to learn about javascript basics before, but after reading this book it is common to program in "jQuery" because the author makes the use of this library so natural that you forget most about the JS basics before you knew jQuery. Full Review >

97 Things Every Programmer Should Know

97 Things Every Programmer Should Know

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On Jan 17, 2011 Rodrigo Jardim wrote: Mandatory book for beginners
This book contains a collection of 97 very useful tips about development, system architecture and some about behavior. These tips ware collected from many sources, but all very trustworthy, like Martin Fowler, Dan North, Uncle Bob, Petter Sommerland among others, but all well known and active contributors to application development, most of them with published books. Most of the tips from the book, I would love to hear when I started working with software development, many of them I needed and missed, some are already well known in the agile development community, and all of them should be in the heads of every software developer. Full Review >

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