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eBay: The Missing Manual

eBay: The Missing Manual

By Nancy Conner

Missing CD-ROM

Chapter 3

Typo/Misspelling Finder

Spybot S&D Antispyware Page

Finds-It Automated Searcher

ItemScout Automated Searcher

Pluck Automated Searcher

Clusty Search Engine

eSnipe Automated Sniper (Web-based)

AuctionSniper Automated Sniper (Web-based)

EZ sniper Automated Sniper (Web-based)

BidSlammer Automated Sniper (Web-based)

Bidnapper Automated Sniper (Web-based)

PhantomBidder Automated Sniper (Web-based)

HammerSnipe Automated Sniper (Web-based)

AuctionStealer Automated Sniper (Web-based)

Final Bid Automated Sniping Program (for Windows)

AuctionSleuth Automated Sniping Program (for Windows)

Auction Sentry Automated Sniping Program (for Windows)

Snipe Automated Sniping Program (for Windows)

BidSage Automated Sniping Program (for Windows)

MaxiBidder Automated Sniping Program (for Macs)

JbidWatcher Automated Sniping Program (for Macs)

The Auction Software Review

Freecycle Community-Based Free Goods Exchange

Chapter 4

Terapeak Marketplace Research

AuctionSmart Price Analysis Tool

GutCheck Feedback Analysis Tool

BayCheck Pro Feedback Checker

Toolhaus Negative/Neutral Feedback Checker

Complete Collector Collection Organizer (for Macs)

Bruji Collection Organizers for Books, DVDs, or CDs (for Macs)

Collectibles Database Collection Organizer

Primasoft Organizer Deluxe Collection Organizer

Vendi Collection Organizer

Visual PackRat Plus Collection Organizer

EGL USA Gemological Laboratory Report Verification Form

International Gemological Institute Report Verification Form

Movecars Directory of Automobile Transporters

Ad-Aware Antispyware Programs

Equifax Creditzone Credit Watch for eBay Program

Square Trade Online Dispute Resolution

SOS4Auctions Fraudulent Escrow Site Database

Chapter 6

Adobe Photoshop Digital Imaging Program

Adobe Photoshop Elements (for Windows)

Adobe Photoshop Elements (for Macs)

Paint Shop Pro Digital Imaging Program

The GIMP: GNU Image Manipulation Program

Tucows Downloads

eBay Picture Manager

Andale Image Hosting (Fee-based)

Auction Assist Image Hosting (Fee-based)

Boomspeed Image Hosting (Fee-based)

inkFrog Image Hosting and Auction Management (Fee-based)

My Easy Pics Image Hosting (Fee-based)

Nucite Image Hosting (Fee-based)

PixHost Image Hosting (Fee-based)

FreePictureHosting Image Hosting (Free)

ImageShare (Free)

MyImageHub (Free)

One Image Host (Free)

Photobucket (Free)

Village Photos (Free)

HTML to create a table of clickable thumbnail photos

Download: <table cellpadding=10 cellspacing=0 border=0>
<tr><td align=center>
<a href="" target=_blank>
<img src=""></a>
<br>Caption for photo 1.
<td align=center>
<a href="" target=_blank>
<img src=""></a>
<br>Caption for photo 2.
<tr><td align=center>
<a href="" target=_blank>
<img src=""></a>
<br>Caption for photo 3.
<td align=center>
<a href="" target=_blank>
<img src=""></a>
<br>Caption for photo 4.

Network Solutions WHOIS Search

Scampage: Stories of Scamming the Scammers

Chapter 7

Dump & Run Nonprofit Recycle Sales

Government Liquidation Surplus Sales


Wholesale for eBay Wholesale Directory

Wholesale Central Wholesale Directory

Wholesale 411 Wholesale Directory

Vendio Wholesale Index Liquidators (Auctions)

Salvage Closeouts Liquidators and Wholesalers

Closeout Central Liquidators

TDW Closeouts Liquidators

Merchandise U.S.A. Liquidators

GB Retail Exchange Liquidators

American Merchandise Liquidators

AAA Closeouts Network Liquidators

Worldwide Brands Drop Ship Source Directory

Andale Suppliers

ASD/AMD Merchandise Group: Upcoming Trade Shows Sample Business Plans

IRS Tax Information for Business

NeoOffice/J (for Mac OS X)

eBay Government Relations Page

How to Find and Write to Your State Representative

IRS Resource Page for Small Businesses

Alta Vista's Babelfish Translator Universal Currency Converter

List of Countries Whose Residents Can Use PayPal

U.S. Postal Service Customs Forms

U.S. Postal Service Postage Rate Caluculator

eBay-Approved International Escrow Services

Trading Assistant Logo (for eBay-Approved Trading Assistants Only)

Download: <center>
<a href="">
<b>I am a Trading Assistant - I can sell items for you!</b>
<img scr="" vspace="5" border="0" height="33" width="88"> </a>

QuikDrop Consignment Selling Franchise

iSold It Consignment Selling Franchise

Snappy Auctions Consignment Selling Franchise

NuMarkets Consignment Selling Franchise

Orbit Consignment Selling Franchise

Chapter 8

eBay Motors Sell Your Vehicle Checklist

CARad Automotive Listing Tool

National Auctioneers Association: Information on Becoming an Auctioneer

Elance Marketplace for Freelance Service Providers

Sologig for Freelance Service Providers for Freelance Service Providers

Get a Freelancer for Freelance Service Providers

Contracted Work for Freelance Service Providers

Chapter 9

Amherst Robots/Vrane Auction Statistics and Tools

Andale Market Research Pack

Terapeak Auction Research

AuctionIntelligence Auction Analysis Software

Deep Analysis Market Research Software

eLister Listing Tool (for Macs)

Auction Manager Auction Management Tool (for Macs)

GarageSale Listing Tool (for Macs)

GarageSale User Discussion Group

iSale Auction Manager (for Macs)

CALC Auction Manager (for Windows or Macs)

Andale Lister Pro Listing Tool (for Windows)

Auction Wizard 2000 Auction Manager (for Windows)

HammerTap Auction Tools

All my Auctions for Sellers Auction Manager (for Windows)

Auction Sage Auction Manager (for Windows)

Spoon Feeder Auction Manager (for Windows)

Shooting Star Auction Manager (for Windows)

Andale Lister (Web-based)

Auction Hawk Auction Manager (Web-based)

Meridian Auction Manager (Web-based)

Vendio Sales Manager (Web-based)

AAA Seller Auction Manager (Web-based)

AuctionHelper Auction Manager (Web-based)

AuctionTamer Auction Manager (Web-based)

ChannelAdvisor Auction Manager (Web-based)

HammerTap Manager Auction Manager (Web-based)

InkFrog Auction Manager (Web-based)

ManageAuctions Auction Manager (Web-based)

Marketworks Auction Manager (Web-based)

SpareDollar Auction Manager (Web-based)

Zoovy Auction Manager (Web-based)

Vendio Customer Manager Email Management Tool (Web-based)

Instant Feedback Feedback Manager (for Windows)

Andale Checkout

Auction Checkout

InkFrog i-Checkout

Ethical Technologies Auction Tools

Whack a Nonpaying Bidder Game

Shipper Game

Appendix C

Amazon Auctions


Bidera Auctions

Bid Monkey Auctions

Bidville Auctions

Bidz Auctions

Blujay Free Online Marketplace

iOffer Online Trading Community Auctions

The Auction Man Online Auctions

uBid Auctions

Yahoo Auctions