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It’s essential for your teams to stay ahead of the latest tech. And they need to be able to solve problems in the flow of work and get back to it fast. 66% of Fortune 100 companies count on O’Reilly to help their teams do just that.

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O’Reilly online learning has the answers you need—whether it’s finding a quick line of code so you can get back to work fast or diving deep to learn a new technology and get ahead of your competition.


  • Build skills and learn new technologies that can advance your career (and boost your salary range).
  • Get proficient with anything from Python to software architecture to AI and SysOps.
  • Learn through books, videos, interactive courses, and live online sessions—and earn certifications easier.
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Small teams

  • Sharable content created by experts to help teams collaborate while improving skills, no matter their level.
  • Interactive scenarios provide hands-on experience with Python, Docker, Java, and more.
  • Certification prep with official materials so teams can prove they’re proficient.
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Large teams

  • Expert content for everyone at your organization, from tech to business to management and more.
  • Single sign-on access to live online sessions, interactive learning, certification materials, books, videos, and more.
  • Proprietary Insights Dashboard tells you what and how your teams are learning.
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With O’Reilly online learning, your teams get on-demand access to the latest O’Reilly books, videos, live training courses, expert playlists, and interactive learning scenarios—and they’ll be able to prove their proficiency with our certifications prep experience. And you’ll understand your entire organization’s progress at a glance with in-depth reporting and insights tools.

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We track the experts on the edges of emerging technology, then share their insights in ways that make it easy for your team to get the most relevant knowledge—and act on it. So whether they need to quickly grab a line of code to help with a debug, figure out the best way to implement new security trends, or learn how to use the cloud to speed up processing and approval times, there’s one place to go to easily find the answers.