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Galaxy S II: The Missing Manual

Galaxy S II: The Missing Manual

By Preston Gralla

Missing CD-ROM


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Chapter 1 - The Guided Tour

page 23

Galaxy S II Drivers

Chapter 2 - Typing and Texting

page 76

Google Talk

Chapter 4 - Music

page 116

Chapter 5 - Camera, Photos, and Video

page 137

HDMI Cable


Chapter 6 - Maps, Navigation, and Other Galaxy S II Apps

page 146

Google Maps

Chapter 7 - Calendar

page 181

Google Calendar

page 188

Google Tasks

page 189

Google Calendar Sync

CompanionLink for Google

Syncing iCal with Google Calendar

Chapter 8 - Getting Online

page 204

Tethering Your PC to Your Galaxy S II

page 205

Wi-Fi Direct

Chapter 9 - The Web

page 218


page 220

Google Search

page 235

Google Reader

page 238

Opera Browser for Android

Dolphin Browser for Android

Firefox Browser for Android

Chapter 10 - Email, Gmail, and the Universal Inbox

page 243


page 260

Priority Inbox for Gmail

page 261

Advanced Gmail searching

Chapter 11 - Downloading and Using Apps

page 292

Set Up Google Checkout Account

page 293

Computerworld Article on Download Safety

page 294

Android Freeware

PC World Android Library


Chapter 13 - Taking the Galaxy S II to Work

page 329

Google Docs

Appendix B - Accessories

page 392


Android Central

Appendix C - Troubleshooting and Maintenance

page 400


Google Android Support Forum

Android Guys