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Photoshop Elements 12: The Missing Manual

Photoshop Elements 12: The Missing Manual

By Barbara Brundage

Missing CD-ROM

A note about the book's index: In the first and second printings of this book, some of the page numbers listed in the index were incorrect. (To find out which printing you have, take a look at the copyright page near the front of the book, which includes a Revision History list. If you see only the 2013-09-03 First Release and/or the 2013-10-11 Second Release listed there, then your book contains these errors. Subsequent printings contain the corrected index.) You can download the corrected index here.

Sample Images

Download all the practice files for this book here.


Chapter 1: Finding Your Way Around Elements

Chapter 2: Importing, Managing, and Saving Photos

Chapter 3: Rotating and Resizing Photos

Practice Files:

Chapter 4: The Quick Fix

Practice Files:

Chapter 6: Layers: The Heart of Elements

Practice Files:

Chapter 7: Basic Image Retouching

Practice Files:

Chapter 8: Elements for Digital Photographers

Practice Files:

Chapter 9: Retouching: Fine-Tuning Images

Practice Files:

Chapter 10: Removing and Adding Color

Practice File:

Chapter 11: Photomerge: Creating Panoramas, Group Shots, and More

Practice Files:

Chapter 12: Drawing with Brushes, Shapes, and Other Tools

Chapter 13: Filters, Actions, Layer Styles, and Gradients

  • The first printing of this book stated that you would be able to download a tutorial about the Lighting Effects filter from this Missing CD page. However, Adobe removed that filter from Photoshop Elements 12, so there's no need for the tutorial.
  • Neat Image
  • Topaz
  • Noiseware

Practice Files:

Chapter 14: Text in Elements

Practice File:

Chapter 15: Creating Projects

Chapter 16: Printing Photos

Chapter 17: Email and the Web

Chapter 18: Creating Slideshows

Chapter 19: Beyond the Basics

Appendix B: The Organizer, Menu by Menu

Appendix C: The Editor, Menu by Menu