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Photoshop Elements 5: The Missing Manual

Photoshop Elements 5: The Missing Manual

By Barbara Brundage

Missing CD-ROM

Sample Images

  • Download all images in a zip file (2.12MB) or download individual images here.

    Note for "russian_box.jpg"
    In order to get a close enough look at the pixels in russian_box.jpg, so that you can see the difference you're making when you resample the photo, you need to enlarge the view to at least 400 percent.

    Note for "leaves.jpg"
    For leaves.jpg, if you want to precisely replicate the effect of the Pattern Fill layer shown on page 151, click the arrow to the right of the pattern swatch in the Pattern Fill dialog box, choose Patterns 2, and then select the pattern at the right end of the second row. Whichever pattern you choose, you'll need to reduce the opacity of the Pattern Fill layer to make the leaves visible beneath it.

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