On Nov 1 Michiel van Otegem wrote: Book Review: Programming Microsoft SQL Server 2012
Programming Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (Leonard Lobel and Andrew Burst; Microsoft Press) is an excellent book if you want to learn the ins and outs of SQL Server. The book is meticulous when it comes to explaining SQL Server features. Much of this is because of the elaborate examples and the detailed explanation of… Full Review  >

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On Oct 21 Dedunu Dhananjaya wrote: Programming Microsoft SQL server 2012
Before few weeks I got a book from Oreilly Blogger Review program to review a book. I took enough time to read this book. This book covers most of the new trends and features in SQL Server 2012 with good explanation. I was addicted to first chapter to get to… Full Review  >

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On Sep 29 John Pertell wrote: Programming SQL Server 2012 – A Review
I just finished reading Programming Microsoft SQL Server 2012, written by Leonard Lobel and Andrew Brust, published by Microsoft Press. This is a very good book that covers developing SQL solutions from queries to deploying to SQL Azure with some … Continue reading → Full Review  >

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