On Nov 24 Clarke Ching wrote: Awesome and huge
This book is huge ... but very readable and full of top-notch advice Full Review  >

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On Oct 25 Abe Taha wrote: Readable and encyclopedic
One of the areas often overlooked when writing software systems is thoroughly understanding what needs to be developed. Specifically who are the users that are going to interact with the system, what are they trying to accomplish with the software, and how is the system expected to behave under normal and error conditions. In short, developing software requirements and specifications before the software is written. "Software Requirements 3" addresses these questions, with clear answers and advice in a rather longish format of roughly 673 pages. Full Review  >

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On Sep 19 Andrew Reynolds wrote: Makes you feel for Analysts!
Although it’s been a long time since I studied SSADM, I've worked in the IT industry for some 18 years now and I remember the painful lessons learned in Trinity College all those years ago - and the even more painful lessons learned from ambiguous or incomplete requirements in the years since. The authors of this Software Requirements, Third Edition have clearly felt this pain too and have sought to minimise the amount of painful lessons learned by following good methodologies, learning from mistakes and learning how to work with the customer and all relevant stakeholders. They then kindly shared this knowledge in the form of this offering from Microsoft Press. Full Review  >

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