On Feb 7 Thomas Maher wrote: Book Review: Environmental Monitoring with Arduino Building Simple Devices to Collect Data About the World Around Us
One problem with this book is that you need certain hardware that you don’t have right now to complete the project. A great strength of the book is that each section lists the parts you need. For example, Chapter 3 requires a thing called a “4Char display”. The “Parts” section lists a part number: “SparkFun sku COM-09765A”. This is great help. It would have been better if there was a list at the beginning of the book with all the parts needed to do all of the projects in the book, some advice on what they will cost and where to get them. The book does suggest these four providers of Arduino hardware Full Review  >

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On Feb 6 Kenta Hood wrote:
Overall, I thought the book did a good job of outlining the basics of sensing the environment. It should be a good book worth looking at for anyone interested in sensors but only as a basic primer to sensing as there are a lot of other things to consider when setting up a sensing circuit. Full Review  >

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On Feb 6 Tom Determan wrote: Environmental Monitoring with Arduino by Emily Gertz and Patrick Di Justo
Emily Gertz and Patrick Di Justo have put together a simple and concise guide to utilizing the Arduino family of products to do practical monitoring of environmental conditions. This helps take the Arduino product for many of us from a hobbyist toy to a practical and functional part of a geek's toolset. Full Review  >

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On Feb 2 Mark Colan wrote: Concise, sophisticated, yet a good starting point for newbies
This is a sophisticated and intelligent book describing interesting projects in a way that even newcomers to Arduino, electronics, and programming should be able to create and get running without problems. It explains how to use the Arduino to detect or monitor various physical conditions in the environment around you. Full Review  >

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