On Aug 25 Thomas Kuenneth wrote: Rezension: Microsoft® Manual of Style
Technical writers, bloggers and podcasters want to share information. To reach their audience, they need to express their thoughts in a way that is both consistent and a pleasure to read or to listen to. Of course, the information being presented must be valid, correct and true. Beyond that, the message must be presented well: authors have to choose the right tone and use the right vocabulary. At a more advanced level, certain sentence structures, words and phrases should be avoided. Full Review  >

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On Mar 5 Dallas Marks wrote: Makes my writing more professional
As an IT consultant, conference speaker, and blogger, I have found the recently updated Microsoft Manual of Style to be indispensable. Full Review  >

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On Feb 15 Diego Gonzalez wrote: Una obra necesaria
This book come directly from the editorial board of Microsoft, is an indispensable tool for bloggers, journalists specialized in technology and especially for textbook authors. Full Review  >

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On Feb 5 Will Kelly wrote: Great update to a Technical Writing Standard
As a technical writer, the Microsoft Manual of Style is the first style guide I reach for when I am a working on documentation project when the organization doesnĺt have a corporate style guide. Full Review  >

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