On Nov 11 Tushar Jain wrote: Book Review: The Future of Looking Back
Book Review: The Future of Looking Back by Richard Banks: Publisher- Microsoft Press: ISBN- 13: 978-0735658066The Future of looking back is book which very clearly and concisely take you journey where you learn effects of technology on common people. The book is well written and easy read. Banks creates a… Full Review  >

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On Oct 14 Michael Lockwood wrote: The Future of Looking Back
An intelligent and thoughtful exploration of an important subject that has largely escaped attention. Full Review  >

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On Oct 10 Mike Ball wrote: Saving and Sorting Lives
A Microsoft researcher in England has thought more about our life traces than the rest of us have. In The future of looking back, he interweaves the pluses and problems of personal artifacts from his grandfather’s photographs to current digital and online tools we use to the newest stuff around… Full Review  >

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Lean UX from Jeff Gothelf
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