Bernard Golden

Cloud Computing: The Next Frontier for Open Source

Date: This event took place live on July 09 2009

Presented by: Bernard Golden

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

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The current financial crisis has raised enterprise interest in two technology trends: open source and cloud computing. In this presentation, Bernard Golden, CEO of HyperStratus will discuss how the two trends reinforce one another, and why cloud computing is a significant driver of enterprise open source adoption.

Key issues he will touch upon are open source's role in application scalability, software licensing, and cloud infrastructures, along with open source product and platforms heavily used in cloud computing.

About Bernard Golden

Bernard Golden is considered one of the true thought leaders in cloud computing. He is CEO of HyperStratus, a Silicon Valley-based consulting firm that helps its clients plan, design, and implement their cloud computing systems. He has over twenty years experience in the technology field, having worked in global consultancies, enterprise software companies, and large IT organizations.

Bernard is the author of Virtualization for Dummies, the most popular book on the subject ever published. He serves as the Virtualization and Cloud Computing Advisor for CIO Magazine, which publishes his highly popular blog examining the benefits and challenges of cloud computing. Bernard is a popular speaker, appearing at many conferences like CloudWorld, OSCON, and EDUCAUSE.