Nilofer Merchant

MurderBoarding: It's not about the ideas you keep, but the ones you kill

Date: This event took place live on October 22 2009

Presented by: Nilofer Merchant

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

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Making the right choices leads us and our organizations to thrive. Many books and speakers wax poetic that the best ideas come from "blue-sky ideation," but generating ideas is only part of the challenge of winning. While brainstorming generates lots of ideas, but you still have to discern the right choices to win.

The current economic situation means identifying, winnowing and making the tough choices to choose ideas that deliver immediate results. Organizations often avoid tough choices because they want consensus, immediate results, and to avoid political fights.

The opposite of whiteboarding, the MurderBoarding decision process ensures teams creatively generate many potential options before "killing off" options one-by-one until there is single best solution for a specific organization and situation. The result is the organization aligns to a common goal and takes on clear, achievable, and measurable goals. This session provides you with a framework for nailing the tough choices you need to make to win.

About Nilofer Merchant

Nilofer Merchant, CEO, strategist, and author, is a leading authority on creating business strategy to achieve success. She has honed her unique, collaborative approach to solving tough problems while working with and for companies like Adobe, Apple, Nokia, HP and others.

As Rubicon's founder and CEO, Nilofer leads a distinguished team of hands-on operational veterans. Her firm works with global corporations such as Hewlett-Packard, Pinnacle, Logitech, Openwave, Symantec, among others, to create solutions to win markets.

Nilofer's keynote presentations attract SRO crowds at business leadership events, technology expos, women's conferences, and universities, ranging from AjaxWorld, CTIA, and PBWC, to Stanford. She's won multiple awards for her insights on applying strategic thinking and innovation, and has been quoted or published in major business publications such as BusinessWeek, Entrepreneur, Fortune, and The Wall Street Journal.

She has earned an MBA from Santa Clara University, a BS in Economics from University of San Francisco, and is a certified by Interaction Associates as an Instructor of Facilitative Leadership.