George Reese

Cloud Independence with Dasein Cloud

Date: This event took place live on July 30 2010

Presented by: George Reese

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

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Dasein Cloud is an Open Source Java API that enables write-once, run against any cloud programming. With Dasein Cloud, you can run the same application across any number of supported clouds without any need for a recompile. This developer-oriented webinar will demonstrate how to get started building cloud-independent applications on top of the Dasein Cloud API. We will cover things like multi-cloud storage, message queues, and compute management. The webcast includes actual application code talking to AWS, Rackspace, Google, and more.

About George Reese

George Reese is the founder of two Minneapolis-based companies, enStratus Networks LLC (maker of high-end cloud infrastructure management tools) and Valtira LLC (maker of the Valtira Online Marketing Platform). Over the past 15 years, George has authored a number of technology books, including MySQL Pocket Reference, Database Programming with JDBC and Java, Java Database Best Practices, and Cloud Application Architectures.

Throughout the Internet era, George has spent his career building enterprise tools for developers and delivering solutions to the marketing domain. He was an influential force in the evolution of online gaming through the creation of a number of Open Source MUD libraries and he created the first JDBC driver in 1996—the Open Source mSQL-JDBC. Most recently, George has been involved in the development of systems to support the deployment of transactional web applications in the cloud.