Steven Hoober

Avoiding the Heuristic Solution: Designing Mobile Interfaces

Date: This event took place live on January 31 2012

Presented by: Steven Hoober

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

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Avoiding the Heuristic Solution: Designing Mobile Interfaces

Interactive systems can be easily made foolproof and practical, but joy and delight all too often elude the final product. This author of two books on design process and interactive patterns has discovered that strict adherence to these same processes or patterns can result directly in functional, but ultimately boring interactive products. In this discussion, you will learn how to avoid the safe answer, while still embracing proven patterns, best practices and user feedback. You will also discuss how to recognize this problem, the principles to avoid these pitfalls, and how to implement tactics to encourage innovative design for your users, and that works within your organization.

About Steven Hoober

Steven Hoober has been documenting design process for all of his 15 years in interactive design, and entered mobile full time in 2007 when he joined Little Springs Design. His work includes the design process book Designing by Drawing, frequent blog entries on design, and a collection of well-used drawing tools and templates. Steven has led projects on security, account management, content distribution, and communications services for products from construction supplies to hospital recordkeeping. Steven spent eight years at U.S. mobile operator Sprint and currently is working on projects including mobile browsing and multi-channel retail.