Jan Lehnardt

PHP & Couchbase, Exciting Times!

Date: This event took place live on March 16 2012

Presented by: Jan Lehnardt

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

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Couchbase Server is a fully memcached API compatible database that solves your performance, scaling and querying needs. It relies on proven technologies like memcached and Apache CouchDB along with a good chunk of spicy hand-crafted open source components that make the whole thing work. To top things off, Couchbase developed a kick-ass PHP extension to work with Couchbase Server.

Meet ext/couchbase. It is based on our brand new, portable high-performance implementation of the binary memcached protocol: libmemcached (seriously, it is the bees' knees). ext/couchbase implements most of ext/memcached's API so your code just keeps working with only minimal changes when you move from pure memcached to Couchbase.

In this webcast we'll walk through:

  • The architecture of the new PHP extension
  • Write a few sample scripts
  • Show you how to use Couchbase Server's advanced features like views for querying
  • Show you some tips and tricks when running serious deployments

Databasin' hasn't been this fun for a long time!

About Jan Lehnardt

Jan Lehnardt has been involved with CouchDB since 2006 as a developer, consultant and evangelist. In late 2009 he co-founded CouchOne (now Couchbase) together with CouchDB inventor Damien Katz and contributor J Chris Anderson. He's the co-author of O'Reilly's CouchDB: The Definitive Guide. He enjoys working with and on open source software. Jan is a co-organizer of the JSConf-family of conferences, most notably JSConf EU as well as the Buzzwords series of conferences focused on Big Data, Analysis, Search and Storage. He lives in Berlin, Germany.