Ciprian Adrian Rusen

8+ Features You Will Love to Use in Windows 8

Date: This event took place live on October 31 2012

Presented by: Ciprian Adrian Rusen

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

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Windows 8 is an important and controversial operating system. It is both loved and hated by users and the tech press alike. A lot has been said about it, some features and changes have been analyzed in detail while others have been completely ignored or misunderstood. Even so, not many people seem to have a moderated opinion about it.

In this webcast, Ciprian Rusen blogger @ 7 Tutorials and co-author of Windows 8 Step by Step, will present in more detail some of the best features in Windows 8, including ones you might have not heard about.

About Ciprian Rusen

Ciprian Rusen is a technology aficionado, former IT Project Manager for a major consumer goods corporation, and author of several technology books. He loves to experiment with the latest technologies, learn how to best use them and share his knowledge with others via his website 7 Tutorials - a portal providing help and how to for all Windows users.