John Kansky

Best of Strata Rx 2012: HIE 2.0 - The Future of Health Information Exchange

Date: This event took place live on August 09 2013

Presented by: John Kansky

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

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Health Information Exchanges are already helping to make a difference in the healthcare delivery system, however the best is yet to come. The next generation of Health Information Exchange innovations will dramatically improve the quality, efficiency and cost of healthcare around the country.

The Indiana Health Information Exchange is the largest organization of its kind in the country. Transmitting more than 1 million clinical messages to over 20,000 doctors daily, IHIE is pushing innovation forward into new territory including:

  • Public health breakthroughs
  • Automated disease/condition reporting
  • Bio-surveillance / public health situational awareness
  • Semantic normalization to enable higher-order HIE
  • Virtual community health record
  • PHR integration
  • ACO enabling analytics
  • Provider and care manager "triggered alerting"
  • Focus on care transitions
  • Med reconciliation acceleration
  • Transition to Long-term care (LTC)
  • LTC to ED and back
  • Preventing readmissions

Mr. Kansky will discuss the difficulties, realities and possibilities associated with HIE 2.0.

About John Kansky

Mr. Kansky has been with the Indiana Health Information exchange, the nation's largest health information exchange since 2007, and currently serves as Vice President -Product Management. He leads the organization's efforts to link new communities, hospitals, providers and other healthcare organizations to IHIE's statewide network and grow the profile of services offered to customers. IHIE connects the state's hospitals, physicians, long-term care facilities and other healthcare providers, enabling medical information to follow patients regardless of treatment location to improve care coordination and patient outcomes. Physicians in the IHIE network provide care to over ten million patients.

He has worked in the healthcare technology field for 22 years with and has served organizations in the role of Chief Information Officer (CIO), Director of Information Systems, and Director of Clinical Engineering. He has spoken nationally on health information exchange (HIE), healthcare IT, and HIPAA compliance. Mr. Kansky has a BS in Electrical Engineering, an MS in Biomedical Engineering, and an MBA.

Prior to joining IHIE, Mr. Kansky was a healthcare IT consultant. His career also includes serving as CIO of the Health and Hospital Corporation of Marion County, as well as several years in healthcare technology roles at Indiana University and University of Washington Medical Centers. Mr. Kansky's experience includes strategic IT planning, managing a multi-million dollar clinical equipment purchase and installation, overseeing a multi-year systems implementation project, and heading a corporate information technology steering committee. He also designed an organizational model for the capture and management of technology cost of ownership and a process for the justification, evaluation, and approval of technology-based projects. He is a co-inventor on three U.S. patents for diagnostic imaging technology.

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