Jesse Freeman

How to Build Cross Platform HTML5 Games for Mobile and Web

Date: This event took place live on September 24 2013

Presented by: Jesse Freeman

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

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During this webcast talk Jesse will go into detail on how to build a truly cross platform HTML5 game by using his new Super Paper Monster Smasher Starter Kit which you can play at While this webcast talk is geared toward building a Windows 8 HTML5 game, the starter kit contains all the code needed to generate builds for multiple platforms such as the Web, Windows Phone 8, Jesse will also discuss packaging the game up for Chrome Store, FireFox OS as well as using CocoonJS to build native iOS and Android games.

All of this is powered by Node, Grunt and ImpactJS. Along the way we will go over how to customize the game engine, it's artwork and discuss ways you can tweak the game play to make it your own. In the end, you will have a complete game which you are free to publish to gain experience on how easy it is to make cross platform HTML5 games.

About Jesse Freeman

For more than 13 years, Jesse Freeman has been on the cutting edge of interactive development with a focus on the Web and mobile platforms. As an expert in his field, Jesse has worked for VW, Tommy Hilfiger, Heavy, MLB, the New York Jets, HBO, and many more. Jesse was a traditional artist for most of his life until making the transition into interactive art, and he has never looked back.

Jesse is a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft focusing on game development for Windows 8 and Windows Phone. Jesse is a seasoned speaker who has presented at numerous conferences over the past 5 years as well as being an active leader in New York's developer community. He writes for several development sites including O'Reilly Media, Inc., Adobe Developer Connection, Activetuts+. and is also the author of Building HTML5 Games with ImpactJS, which is published by O'Reilly Media. He can be found on twitter at @jessefreeman. To learn more about Jesse Freeman's work, talks and workshops visit his site at

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