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Web Performance Delivered: How To Get Effective Feedback and Seamless Monitoring

Date: This event took place live on July 21 2015

Presented by: Michael Monteiga

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

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When you're delivering 365 million emails in a single day, you may not think web performance really matters all that much. But for Constant Contact, web performance is the only thing that matters—at least when one of their 600,000 customers needs to launch a holiday email campaign that is vital to their business!

Michael Monteiga will share how Constant Contact has crafted a feedback loop that keeps everyone (Operations and Development Teams) in sync about the state of their consumer website, SaaS application, and developer APIs.

You'll learn about the technology stack at Constant Contact and the ways they monitor it from their customers' perspectives for reliability and improvement.

  • The role of the network operations center
  • What "no-blame" means and how to do it successfully
  • Which metrics and tooling are used to manage performance
  • Why performance data can make you happy
  • How to mash data from multiple sources and get even happier
  • When monitoring happiness becomes contagious

About Michael Monteiga, Constant Contact

Michael is currently Senior NOC Analyst for Constant Contact, a technology company championing the needs of small organizations to build successful, lasting customer relationships. Formerly, Michael was a computer Programmer for the US Air Force, and held various support-related roles within the Financial & Software industries with focuses on monitoring, Service Management, Incident Management and Problem Mgmt.