Greg Nudelman

Lean prototyping for wearables and mobile design: 12 pro tips

Date: This event took place live on October 14 2015

Presented by: Greg Nudelman

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

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What's the best way to phase-match the UX design efforts with code development so they can inter-dependently create together? In this hands-on, practical session Greg will be giving away 12 hard-won secrets of using low-fidelity paper prototyping techniques to envision, design and test Apple/Android mobile and wearable interfaces.

If you ever wanted to know:

  • What is top reason startups fail (and how to make sure your project doesn't)?
  • Why most of today's wearable apps are "Dancing Bearware" and how to make yours dance like Baryshnikov
  • How to implement Lean user feedback into an agile sprint
  • How to communicate design effectively to users, teammates, and stakeholders
  • How to iterate on details rapidly while keeping your vision clear and strong
  • How to design a clean mobile/wearable interface consistent with the Apple/Android guidelines, that also reflects your app's unique personality
  • What is the best way to model Google Material Design elements and transitions
  • How to test your wearable prototype with customers for less then a cup of coffee

And much more — you won't want to miss this unique no-holds barred webcast and Q&A with a 4-time UX author and Lean Prototype expert Greg Nudelman, who wants to make you into a Lean, Mean Mobile & Wearable Design Machine!

See Greg live at our inauguralO'Reilly Design Conference conference in San Francisco, CA, on January 19-22, where he will be speaking about Practical lean UX for wearables

About Greg Nudelman

Greg is UX Designer, Trainer + Strategist, Search & Dashboard Maven, Champion of Lean Mobile UX, International Speaker, Author. His fourth book, ($1 Prototype) and the new Lean Mobile UX blog can be found at

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