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Getting Started with Drones: Learn how to build, customize, and fly

Date: This event took place live on February 18 2016

Presented by: Terry Kilby, Belinda Kilby

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

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Meet Terry & Belinda Kilby, a husband and wife team, and the authors of Make: Getting Started with Drones. The latest in the Maker Media Getting Started with series is a step-by-step guide to building your own multirotor aircraft.

In this webcast the authors will provide an overview of the various build options such as autonomous flight, first person view FPV and photography capabilities for your drone. The Kilby's will also provide insights on the rules of safe and responsible flight and helpful resources to expand your knowledge of unmanned aerial systems.

About Terry Kilby

Terry Kilby has been a maker and creative technology enthusiast his entire life. He has been an audio engineer, electronic music producer, web developer and now, a mobile software engineer. However, the technology that has become his true passion is unmanned aerial systems. He designs, builds and flies his small drones for aerial photography as well as photogrammetry for mapping and 3D modeling.

Twitter: @elevatedelement

About Belinda Kilby

After earning degrees in art and education from Salisbury University and University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Belinda Kilby taught art for ten years in the Baltimore City Public School System. After creating art through a variety of media throughout her career, it was a natural progression to contribute to her husband Terry's efforts in designing and building small, unmanned aerial vehicles for capturing unique photographic images. Her instructional writing informs and inspires, allowing Belinda to become a voice and advocate for responsible aerial UAV photography and its many beneficial applications for users.

Twitter: @belindakilby1

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