Shayne Hodge

The CEO proximity warning device: Prototyping a cellular, GPS-enabled cloud-connected IoT device

Date: This event took place live on September 14 2016

Presented by: Shayne Hodge

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

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Shayne Hodge walks participants through prototyping a simple battery-powered, cloud-connected, GPS device that communicates its position via a cellular connection. Shayne shares the software that moves the data from the provider's cloud into your own data store and explains ways of visualizing the data. To provide motivation and a user story for this device, Shayne will be installing the device in his CEO's car: he’ll get an alert when his CEO gets close to the office so he knows to stop watching cat videos and get to work. Shayne also demonstrates passing the alert to another IoT device (a light fixture) and visualizing it on a web page and explores privacy concerns. Code will be primarily in C++ (, Python (Flask), and JavaScript on the frontend with PostgreSQL as the data store.

About Shayne Hodge

Shayne Hodge had a career-defining moment in grad school when he read Dealers of Lightning, a history of Xerox PARC in the 1970s, and realized his real interest was in the commercialization of really interesting technology. Shayne spent his early career working as an attorney in patent litigation before returning to the tech world proper in the IoT and analytics fields. He is currently a data scientist at SnapLogic; prior to that he was with and Cisco Systems, among others. Shayne is a member of the IEEE and holds a BS and MS in electrical engineering, a JD, and an MBA. More of his musings can be found at