On Jun 16 Dale Betts wrote:
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On Feb 22 Juan Benitez wrote: MongoDB & PHP by Steve Francia
The book "PHP and MongoDB by Steve France" presents the document-oriented database MongoDB and its relationship with the PHP language, is also a very good introduction to non-relational databases, focusing on the causes that gave rise to MongoDB, as well as the gaps found in the ORM's and the relational databases when you need to work with objects in an efficient and robust way. Full Review  >

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On Feb 13 Hari K T wrote: MongoDB and PHP by Steve Francia; O'Reilly Media
I have already have read the book MongoDB: The Definitive Guide by Kristina Chodorow and Michael Dirolf . It doesn't cover much on the PHP, but its a good book to learn about MongoDB and how it works in Depth. Once I saw the book, MongoDB and PHP by Steve Francia I was planning to buy it, and the time I got a chance to signup for the blogger review program by O'Reilly Media. Its a small book of 60 pages, but a good one. I will rate 7.5 / 10 , a good read for PHP Developers . If you wondered why the 2.5 is missing read on Full Review  >

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