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Steve Francia

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New York, New York

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Steve is the Chief Solutions Architect at 10gen where he leads the drivers, integrations, web and docs teams and is responsible for the MongoDB user experience. Prior to 10gen Steve led engineering at OpenSky, a social commerce website in NYC. His previous roles include CIO/COO at Portero, VP of Development at Takkle and Founder & CTO of Supernerd. Steve is a long time contributor to open source contributing to many projects including MongoDB, Doctrine and Symfony2. He likes to code in Vim and maintains a popular Vim distribution.

Steve is a popular speaker on the conference circuit speaking internationally on a variety of topics including cloud computing, big data, e-commerce, development and of course, MongoDB. He is a published author, syndicated blogger ( and frequently contributes to industry publications. Steve's work has been featured by the New York Times, Guardian UK, Mashable, ReadWriteWeb and more.

MongoDB and PHP MongoDB and PHP
by Steve Francia
January 2012
Print: $19.99
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Is Go an Object Oriented language?

June 09 2014

To truly understand what it means to be ‘object-oriented’ you need to look back at the origination of the term. The first object oriented language, simula, emerged in the 1960s. It introduced objects, classes, inheritance and subclasses, virtual methods, coroutines, and a lot more. Perhaps most importantly, it introduced a paradigm shift of thinking… read more

Viper : Go configuration management with Fangs

May 02 2014

Viper is a complete configuration solution. Designed to work within an application to handle file based configuration and seamlessly marry that with command line flags which can also be used to control application behavior. Why Viper? When building a modern application you don’t want to have to worry about configuration file formats, you… read more

by Steve Francia

April 10 2014

Welcome to Steve Francia’s website. read more

9 MongoDB 2.6 Drivers Released

April 07 2014

I’m pleased to announce the coordinated release of drivers in 9 languages in preparation for the release of MongoDB 2.6. This is the largest driver release in the history of MongoDB, both in terms of code changes as well as in terms of drivers released. Official Drivers for C, C++, C# (.net), Java, Node.js,… read more

Cross Compiling with Go

February 28 2014

One of the great features of golang is that you can compile executables for many different platforms and architectures from a single machine. It’s really nice to be able to provide executables of Hugo for a bunch of different platforms and architectures without having to have all these different machines in a build cluster. As… read more

Webcast: MongoDB and PHP
May 18, 2012
In this webcast presentation by Steve Francia, author of MongoDB and PHP, you will learn how to build elegant database applications with MongoDB and PHP.

"If you have been contemplating diving into PHP and/or MongoDB, this is a worthy book to add to your learning and reference collections."
--Si Dunn, Sagecreek Productions